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Effects of tooth decay

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Joseph Kabaklian DDS
Effects of tooth decayTooth decay is caused by microorganisms in your mouth producing acids that obliterate the tooth's protective enamel. A cavity forms in the impacted tooth as a result of this, if left untreated it may lead to adverse effects on your health.

When a tooth boil is contaminated, it can cause unexpected complications (for example contaminations entering the circulatory system), An increased chance of breaking or chipping a tooth, ongoing toothache, Biting problems, Advancement of discharge around the contaminated tooth, and Misfortune with your teeth.

Can tooth decay be prevented?

Despite the fact that tooth decay is common, it is entirely avoidable. You can have a healthy mouth and be free of oral diseases. Such advice could help prevent tooth decay: Reduce the amount of sugar (or carbohydrates) you consume and the frequency with which you consume it.

Clean your teeth every night and another time during the day. Brush the inside, outside, and gnawing surfaces of your teeth, as well as the gum line. This should take about two minutes.

Choose fluoride toothpaste as a compelling way to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride significantly assists dental well-being by fortifying the tooth enamel, making it more impervious to tooth decay. Avoid flushing your mouth with water after brushing but let the toothpaste out instead. This ensures fluoride stays on your teeth.

If you have a high risk of tooth decay, our dentist may recommend toothpaste with higher fluoride content. We can also provide you with advice and data to help you focus on your mouth at home, demonstrate proper cleaning techniques, advise you on which products to use, and guide what your eating habits and lifestyle may mean for your oral health.

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