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What To Do When Faced With Overcrowded Teeth

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Joseph Kabaklian DDS
What To Do When Faced With Overcrowded TeethCrowded teeth occur when the jawbone is small to accommodate the emerging teeth, resulting in a slanted and crooked set of teeth. Experts claim that dental overcrowding is hereditary from grandparents to parents to their siblings. Therefore, if your ancestors experienced overcrowding, there is a high chance that you may experience the same.

Thumb Sucking

While many parents aren't alarmed by their children's thumb-sucking behavior, dentists claim that the activity is associated with teeth overcrowding. Thumb sucking can shift the child's teeth out of position affecting the future growth of a permanent set of teeth, hence overcrowding.

Baby Teeth Retention

In most cases, dental overcrowding is associated with baby teeth retention. The kid may experience loose teeth that require uprooting, but the tooth tightens. When one retains such a tooth, the permanent set of teeth is hindered from adequately emerging leading to crowded teeth.

Oversized Teeth

One may experience a situation where their teeth grow into huge sizes leading to insufficient space for the dental arch to accommodate all teeth. The overgrown teeth strive to emerge, overlapping either on the front or behind other teeth.

How To Deal With Overcrowded Teeth?


Using braces to realign your teeth goes a long way in uplifting your smile. The orthodontic will fit your teeth with wires threaded through them to position them in the desired shape. The procedure is quite fast, but you may have to learn to live with the braces on for a while. Most people dislike braces due to their conspicuous properties and the discomfort they bring to everyday life.

Invisible Aligners

For the group of patients who dislike braces due to their visibility, this type of equipment will work perfectly for you. Invisible aligners are removable during eating or brushing hence do not inconvenience the user.

For overcrowding intervention medical procedures, visit our practices today. Contact our friendly customer service to book an appointment with us.

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