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What Causes Tooth Abscesses?

Posted on 11/1/2023 by Joseph Kabaklian DDS
Concerned patient discussing her tooth pain with her dentist while sitting in a dental chair at Enamel General and Cosmetic Dentistry.Tooth abscess is a common dental infection for people who ignore their oral health. The condition causes pain around or within the infected tooth. It also causes a collection of pus and inflammation of the gum.

If untreated, an abscess can be life-threatening. This infection occurs when bacteria infect your dental pulp and soft tissues. These bacteria can spread to the tooth root, causing swelling and pus formation. While poor oral hygiene increases your risk of dental abscess, here are some of its causes:

Injured Or Decayed Tooth

Decayed tooth is a common cause of dental abscess. Bacteria can easily access your pulp and soft tissues when tooth decay occurs. The infected pulp causes abscess or pus. The infection can spread to roots and the tooth bone if not treated. It can also spread to other body parts through the bloodstream. Treating an injured and decaying tooth can help you avoid this painful experience.

Post-Dental Treatment Infections

Proper care is critical to your healing when you undergo a dental restoration treatment such as implantation and root canal. Poor oral hygiene can allow the bacteria to access the inner tissues and infect them. Following the dentist's guidance and attending post-dental treatment follow-up sessions should be your priority.

[[[H2:Advanced Gum Diseases]]

Gum diseases start as gingivitis, which is easy to treat. When you fail to act, the infection can progress into periodontitis. Pockets of pus harboring harmful bacteria will form on your gums, causing pain in your teeth. With time, the bacteria can reach the tooth root and cause abscess.

Dental Trauma

A trauma that touches your mouth can lead to tooth injury. You will likely lose your tooth enamel or suffer a crack, exposing your inner tissues. Bacteria in your mouth can easily access the tissues and cause an infection.

You should consider seeing a dentist if you have a painful mouth or pus on your gum. Visit our office today and get the care required for enhanced tooth abscess treatment.

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