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Pain Management After a Root Canal

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
A model of teeth cleaning with titanium metal tooth pick instrumentOne reason some people hesitate after getting a root canal is that they think the recovery will be painful. In most cases, the opposite is true. Many patients find great relief after a root canal procedure because their tooth infection before the root canal was extremely painful, and the procedure can eliminate both pain and infection. However, if you are worried about pain after the root canal, here are some great pain management tips you can follow.

What Is a Root Canal Procedure?

Our dentist does root canal procedures when a cavity has eaten through the enamel of your tooth and has moved into the tooth pulp. Once a cavity is in your tooth pulp, it infects the soft inner tooth tissue, which leads to pain and swelling. Over time, that infection can spread to your jawbone as well. A root canal procedure involves the dentist making an incision in your enamel to extract the infection and fill the pulp chamber with composite material, which saves the tooth and relieves the pain from infection.

Should I Have Pain After a Root Canal?

Because a root canal involves the inner part of a tooth, it is normal to experience some pain and discomfort for a few days after the procedure. You can help manage your pain, however. First, be sure to take pain relief medication as directed by our dentist. If you take your medication as directed, you should be able to manage your pain. Also, be sure to apply ice packs to the side of your face where the root canal is because the cold reduces swelling and pain.

After your procedure, avoid chewing foods that are difficult to chew for a few days. Also, do not consume overly hot or overly cold foods. You should also avoid chewing food on the side where your root canal was for a few days.

If your pain grows more severe over time or is accompanied by a fever, call our office so that we can ensure you are not having complications from the root canal. If you follow our aftercare instructions, you should be pain-free in a few short days.

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