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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Invisalign!

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Joseph Kabaklian DDS
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1.  Crowded teeth makes it harder to brush and floss and will affect the health of your gums and teeth.
Many people don’t think about the health of their gums and teeth when they think about Invisalign. Many people think that Invisalign only makes your teeth look better and doesn’t have health effects on your teeth. The truth is that when your teeth are straightened with Invisalign there are pockets and undercuts that are eliminated in your mouth. These pockets and undercuts are tricky to clean and therefore harbor bacteria which can lead to cavities and gum infections.
2.  A better bite can help with teeth grinding.
Many people don’t realize that when they have a crooked bite due to crooked teeth it can cause your teeth to wear unevenly because there will be more pressure hitting one tooth before the rest. So if Invisalign fixes the bite by making the teeth even and straight your teeth will wear more evenly.
3.  A straighter smile boosts self esteem!
It’s a fact that when you feel better about yourself you have more confidence and self esteem and are more successful in your everyday life. Did you know that when you smile more your brain automatically releases more happy hormones! This is all something we can use and that's why Invisalign is so great.
4.  Dental Insurance covers some of the cost of Invisalign!
Did you know many people with dental insurance have orthodontic benefits?! This is money that you can use for Invisalign. You are already paying your dental insurance premiums so why not use it!
5.  The longer you wait the more crowded your teeth become!
We forget that bone is a living tissue. Teeth will always move because our bones and jaw is constantly growing throughout our lifetime. So the longer you wait to do Invisalign the more crowded your teeth become. That is why I always encourage patients that if you’re thinking about Invisalign do it as soon as possible so we can order less trays. This makes it cheaper for the patients and less time! So it’s always easier to do an Invisalign lite or Invisalign express course of treatment than an Invisalign full!

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