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Here Are the Top 6 Ways to Get the Best Whitening Results

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Joseph Kabaklian DDS
Teeth whitening trays
1.  Brush and floss right before
2.  Go to your dentist and get your regular cleanings. You can’t bleach your teeth if there is tartar and plaque covering them.
3.  Make sure your dentist uses Prophylaxis paste with fluoride right before the bleaching.
4.  Anecdotally we have seen better results if we polish the teeth with fluoride right before. We believe that fluoride acts as an activator for the bleach.
5.  Make sure to use the right bleach for you. We listen to our patients and try a variety of strengths to make sure you get the best result while not making your teeth sensitive.
6.  Avoid drinking beverages that stain your teeth. If you can’t avoid them try drinking them with a straw. Beverages that stain your teeth include coffee, tea, and red wine.
7.  Use whitening toothpastes every day.

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