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Top 6 Reason Why Porcelain Veneers Crack, Chip, Break, or Fail

Posted on 9/14/2020 by Joseph Kabaklian DDS
Rendering of dental veneersLately our practice is seeing a lot of chipped and cracked porcelain veneers so I wanted to write an article on why it's important to choose the right cosmetic dentist to do your porcelain veneers. It's always important to see before and after work before choosing your cosmetic dentist. It's also important that your cosmetic dentist uses magnification (dental loupes) and electric handpieces to make sure the preparations are done well.

The bite is done incorrectly on your porcelain veneers.

The most important thing about veneers is to make sure the bite is done correctly. If you are biting on your veneers incorrectly this can put extra force and cause a chipped or cracked veneer. That's why it is important to find a cosmetic dentist that can not only make the veneers look good but makes sure you can function with them by creating a nice balanced bite. A chip in the veneer might be able to be repaired but if the whole thing cracks in half and it needs to be redone. There is nothing worse than a veneer emergency because veneers are usually done on front teeth and no one wants a broken front tooth before an important business meeting.

The porcelain veneers are bonded incorrectly.

This is another step that is super important when getting veneers. The Cosmetic dentist must make sure to etch the porcelain veneer and etch the tooth to be able to create a perfect bond between the porcelain and tooth structure. If the Porcelain veneer is not bonded correctly this can cause bacteria to leak underneath the porcelain veneer and it will turn grey or black. The only way to fix this is to take the veneer off and replace it.

The porcelain veneers do not have a perfect fit to the tooth.

We see a lot of advertisements with no prep veneers. This means that an impression is taken and the veneers are made without preparing the existing tooth. This sounds great in theory but if you think about it you cannot create a flush margin where the porcelain veneer meets the tooth and that can cause bacteria and plaque to sit under there. That will cause inflammation and bleeding in the gums and eventually you will have bone loss around those teeth which would be a failure of the porcelain veneer.

The dental Lab made bad quality porcelain veneers.

When choosing a cosmetic dentist it is also important to ask about the dental lab they are using. If a cosmetic dentist is using a poor dental lab you will get poor quality veneers. The veneers can look too opaque, too monochromatic, too bulky or most importantly they can be too weak to withstand everyday chewing. This can cause the veneers to chip, crack or debond. Dental emergencies like veneer repairs or redoing veneers can be expensive and stressful. This is why it is so important to use a good dental lab that knows how to fabricate strong and esthetic porcelain veneers.

The patient used their porcelain veneers to bite on non food items.

A common cause of people chipping teeth or porcelain veneers is because they use their teeth to open packages like bags of chips or other things. Also people chew on their nails or chew ice. If your teeth chip on things like these you can expect porcelain veneers to chip on non food objects too. It is important to not use your teeth as tools and only use them for eating. Teeth and veneers are not designed to but used on objects.

Improper maintenance of the porcelain veneers.

The last reason the veneers will fail is when patients do not keep up with their 6 month cleanings with the dentist. It is important for your cosmetic dentist or dental hygienist to clean around the veneers. Veneers are susceptible to periodontal disease just like teeth. Just because your cosmetic dentist makes your smile look great it doesn't mean that you don't need to keep up with your 6 month cleanings.

To set up a free consultation with our office please give us a call at 949-991-2499 and let us repair or replace old chipped or cracked porcelain veneers!

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