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Should You Pull Your Tooth or Save it?

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Joseph Kabaklian DDS
Should You Pull Your Tooth or Save it?If you have an infected or diseased tooth, it may seem easy to pull it, especially if you are in pain. But, don't make that choice so quickly. The easy way out may be to pull that tooth, but it may not be the safest choice. There are many advantages to keeping your teeth. If you decide to get your tooth pulled or save it, you must know the facts before making that big decision.

Saving Your Tooth

Artificial teeth do not function as well as natural ones, nor are they as easy to care for. Although technology and materials are improving, fabricated teeth still cannot match the strength of natural teeth. When a tooth is pulled, a gap appears in your smile, causing the neighboring teeth to shift. Chewing and biting problems can result from this shifting over time. These problems can lead to pain, poor nutrition, and decreased condition of life. When teeth are pulled, the roots of the jaw are pulled too. A gap in a bone often causes the surrounding bone to collapse and makes the person look older than they are. If the tooth to be pulled is visible when you smile, the resulting gap can negatively influence your self-esteem. It is common for patients to experience some pain after a tooth is extracted, especially if they have dry socket. Through a root canal, the tooth remains in place, so the infection is eliminated immediately, and the chances of a dry socket are eliminated.

When To Pull A Tooth

Although it is always preferable to save a tooth, sometimes an extraction is the best solution. If a tooth is cracked beyond the gum line, or in several places, an extraction may be necessary. The tooth may need to be removed if it cannot be restored. A root canal may be an alternative to extraction if your dentist suggests it. To help answer the question, should I pull my tooth or should I save it, you should discuss this with your dentist.

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