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Teeth whitening. Is it safe?

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Joseph Kabaklian DDS
Teeth whitening. Is it safe?Teeth are subject to staining or discoloration for several reasons. Teeth whitening is the restoration of the white color on discolored teeth. There are many options to choose from. Our team of dental professionals can guide you on the process and the choices you make. Teeth whitening has some adverse effects, but it is very safe when following the dental guidelines.

Teeth Discoloration.

There are several ways in which teeth can be discolored. There are two major categories to this. Extrinsic discoloration and intrinsic discoloration. Extrinsic discoloration refers to the discoloration of teeth by foods, beverages, and smoking habits. Coffee, tea, wine, and some food dyes may play a big part in the discoloration of teeth. Intrinsic discoloration of teeth refers to the discoloration from within the teeth. This may happen due to age, medication use, infection, or trauma.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

There are methods and products used for treatment. They are certified by dentists but should be used under their guidelines. There are general categories of teeth whitening, First is the administration of products by the dentist. This requires regular visits to the dentist for treatment. The second one is the administration of products from home. This one requires the dentist to give treatment, and you go dispense at home. Lastly, we have over-the-counter medication or concoctions at home. All the methods are reliant on the factors that affect your teeth. They range from the type of discoloration you have, the budget you have for treatment, the method used in treatment, the age of the patient, and their dental history. Whitening toothpaste and whitening strips are commonly used at home. Charcoal-based products are also used for teeth whitening.

Offering care

Teeth whitening may have some side effects if not rehabilitated properly. Sensitive teeth and irritated gums are the most popular side effects. We recommend the use of the products as directed by the dentist. This will reduce the chances of misapplication. We require the patients to discuss the extrinsic and intrinsic discoloration treatments. We recommend you visit us now for teeth whitening and professional procedures.

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