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Dental Facts

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Joseph Kabaklian DDS
Dental FactsYour dental health plays a critical role in your overall health. You wouldn't be able to smile, consume your favorite foods, or converse with others if you experienced dental illness. These exciting tidbits about brushing and visiting our dentist will help you keep your teeth tip-top shape.

Dental facts you should never miss

Teeth grow while the child is in the womb, but they don't come out until a child is between six and twelve months old.

Some animals, such as rabbits and horses, have teeth that continue to grow after the second set of permanent teeth has fully erupted.

While humans acquire two sets of teeth in their lifetime, animals such as dolphins (monophyodonts) and sharks (polyphyodonts) have up to forty locations.
Only in the last century or so have we been able to purchase modern toothpaste. Many different mixes were employed before the invention of what we now know as toothpaste. These included crushed oyster shells, ground chalk; charcoal; and pulverized brick.

Some kids are born with teeth already. An estimated 1 in every 2000 newborns is born with a complete set of permanent teeth. The roots of developing teeth tend to be weak, so they are frequently removed to avoid breastfeeding difficulties.

The world's longest human tooth was discovered in Singapore in 2009 and was extracted at the end of that year. It had a length of 3.2 millimeters.

Teeth are the only body component that cannot be restored if lost or damaged. This is because enameled surfaces do not consist of any organic tissue.

A smile is the most attractive accessory you can wear; properly taking care of your teeth is fundamental. Please book a consultation session and an appointment with one of our Dental Associates for a healthy dental condition.

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