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Why are my teeth loose?

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Joseph Kabaklian DDS
Why are my teeth loose?An accident or other trauma that sends a force to your mouth can stretch the ligaments and tissues that hold your teeth in place. This could cause your tooth to become loose. For example, getting hit in the face with a ball can loosen you up. The same thing can happen if you often grind your teeth.

Gum diseases

A loose tooth can occasionally be correlated to severe gum disease. This happens when a bacterial infection targets your gums, surrounding tissue, and bones. Inadequate dental hygiene procedures lead to gum disease. Tartar will accumulate in the area beneath your gums if you fail to brush regularly, floss, or visit the dentist for cleanings. Fortunately, the illness is treatable. Getting rid of an infection, stopping the swelling, and getting your teeth back to health are effective, especially when identified early. Gum disease can get worse and harm bones when not treated. When your teeth fail to get the support they require, they may become loose. Bleeding, sore, or reddened gums are some of the early signs of gum disease.


When your jaws unintentionally grind your teeth against each other, a condition referred to as bruxism can lead to long-term damage to your enamel and crown. Your teeth may become loose due to the added strain, harming nearby supportive dental tissue. Typical signs of bruxism include jaw pain, facial pain, and headaches.


During pregnancy, a woman's progesterone and estrogen levels increase. This alteration may negatively impact her oral tissues, which surround and support her teeth, and specialized tissues like the periodontium. Often, this makes her prone to dental complications, which may result in loose teeth.


The alveolar process is the area of the jawbone that supports the teeth. Studies relate the loss of alveolar bone to increased tooth mobility. Therefore, osteoporosis starts to induce bone loss in the jaw. According to the National Institutes of Health, women who have osteoporosis are three times more likely than women without the condition to experience tooth movement and tooth loss.

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