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Diabetes And Dental Health

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Joseph Kabaklian DDS
Diabetes And Dental HealthGum disease is an infection of the gums and bones which keep the teeth in place and is more likely in persons with diabetes. Periodontal illness can cause aching, foul breath that doesn't go away, trouble eating, and even the loss of teeth. Diabetes scans make it hard for the body to heal, hindering the treatment measures of periodontal disease.

What does diabetes do to your teeth?

Dry mouth and thrush, a fungus infection that results in uncomfortable white spots in your mouth, are other issues that diabetes can bring on. Lack of saliva, which keeps the mouth moist, leads to a dry mouth. Dry mouth can lead to tooth decay, pain, sores, infections, and other problems. Unfortunately, smoking exacerbates these issues. Furthermore, diabetes may raise the amount of sugar (glucose) in your saliva. When these issues come together, they ultimately result in thrush.

One is more likely to experience oral issues if their diabetes is not well-controlled. Gum disease may also make it more difficult for you to manage your blood sugar. Ensure that you regularly examine your mouth for any rising issues. People occasionally notice their gums look swollen and bleeding when they brush and floss. Others observe mouth soreness, dryness, white patches, or a bad taste. These are all justifications for seeing a dentist, which most people ignore.

Everyone should maintain good oral health, but those with high blood sugar may find it more challenging to do so. Learn how to maintain good oral health if you have diabetes and keep a grin on your face. The general health and well-being of your mouth and your self-esteem depend on taking appropriate care of your oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene practices can reduce the discomfort and infections caused by tooth and gum diseases. Therefore, taking care of your teeth is especially crucial if you have diabetes. Additionally, white blood cells, the body's primary defenses against infections that might develop in the mouth, might get weakened by high blood sugar.

Suppose you have diabetes; consult our team of professionals to learn more about how to control your situation. Call us today to book your appointment.

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