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Dental Implant FAQ
Newport Beach, CA

Diagram of dental implant in lower jaw Enamel General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Newport Beach, CaNo one wants to suffer from missing teeth, whether it be a single tooth, several, or all of your teeth. Fortunately, dental technology has created a permanent tooth restoration option with dental implants. If you are seeking dental implants for your missing teeth, you likely have several questions. At Enamel General and Cosmetic Dentistry we are here to answer all of those questions for you.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are composed of three parts: the implant, the abutment, and the crown. The dental implant is a titanium post that is embedded into your jawbone. It may take several months for this process, also known as osseointegration, to occur. Once your jawbone has healed, you will come in for a second appointment where we will place the abutment. The abutment is essentially the base for the dental crown. It serves as a connector. Finally, a dental crown will be placed on top to finalize your dental implant restoration. We'll tell you more about how a dental implant is like a real tooth during your consultation.

What Types of Dental Implants Are There?

There are dental implants for all types of tooth loss. If you are only missing one tooth, you may benefit from a single dental implant. If you are missing several teeth, we offer multiple tooth implants. We also provide the All-on-4® Treatment Concept, which has only four dental implant posts, instead of the usual six to eight posts for traditional multiple tooth implants. At Enamel General and Cosmetic Dentistry we also provide mini dental implants, which are similar to regular implants, only smaller. We also have implant-supported dentures, which we can pair with dental bridges and crowns, depending on your needs and areas of tooth loss.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Most healthy adults can be candidates for dental implants. You must have a fully formed jaw, therefore, children and teenagers are not good candidates for dental implants. You must have good overall oral health as well. If you have periodontal disease or any other dental concerns occurring in your mouth, you will need to have us treat those issues before seeking dental implant surgery. You must have a strong jaw bone in order to be a good candidate for dental implants. Those with insufficient bone mass can undergo bone graft surgery prior to receiving dental implants. After the surgery, you will be eligible for implants.

What Type of Care Will My Dental Implants Require?

Unlike dentures, which require separate cleaning, soaking, and special adhesives, dental implants do not require any such special care. Dental implants are permanent tooth replacements, meaning they are just like your natural teeth. With dental implants, you do not need to purchase any special products. You only need to perform your regular oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing twice per day. Be sure to use a soft bristled toothbrush, as firmer bristles can sometimes scratch dental implants.

How Long Will My Dental Implants Last?

With proper care, dental implants are meant to last a lifetime. They have a 98% success rate, making them an excellent choice as a permanent tooth restoration option. We'll let you know if dental implants are safe for you during your first visit.

If you are interested in getting dental implants or learning more about them including how much dental implants cost, please contact Enamel General and Cosmetic Dentistry at 949-991-2499 to schedule a consultation appointment.

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